Disability Inclusive Science Careers is an interdisciplinary series of projects funded by the EPSRC (DISC), NERC (EnDISC) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (creating accessible laboratories for those with hidden impairments) across Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh University, which aims to improve the inclusion of disabled people in STEM careers. We work in collaboration with UCU Scotland and the National Association of Disabled Staff Networks.

Heriot-Watt team

Prof Kate Sang leads the programme of work. She is a professor of Gender and Employment Studies. Her previous research has focused on how women and disabled people navigate highly skilled employment.

Dr James Richards is a co-investigator on the EPSRC DISC project. He is an Associate Professor in Human Resource Management. His current and recent research focuses on in-work poverty, trade unions as facilitators for disabled people and employee use of the internet/social media.

Dr Jen Remnant was the post-doctoral researcher for DISC and is a Co-Investigator for the Royal Society of Chemistry project, and is now working at the University of Strathclyde. Her research focuses on ill-health and disability in relation to paid work.

Olugbenga Abraham Babajide is a PhD candidate and research associate working on the DISC project. His research will evaluate the outputs of the DISC project.

Professor Gareth Pender is the principal investigator for the EPSRC DISC project, he is the Deputy Principal for Research and Innovation at the university.

Dr Cat Morgan is the PDRA on the NERC funded project EnDISC

Dr Lena Wanggren is the PDRA on the NERC funded project EnDISC

The EnDisc project also includes Ms Fenella Watson, Dr David Woolf, Dr Clayton Magill and Professor Teresa Fernandes

The Royal Society of Chemistry project includes Dr Graeme Barker as Co-Investigator and Vickie Williams as the research assistant

Edinburgh team

Dr Sara Shinton is a researcher developer, with a particular interest in inclusive research cultures.

Dr Frédéric Bosché is a Senior Lecturer. He leads the CyberBuild Lab through which he delivers research and consultancy projects in the development and use of virtual and mixed reality technology, to support collaborative and engaging design, construction and engineering works, as well as training.