Enabling Neurodiverse Science Careers – recommendations

We recently finished our NERC funded project ‘Enabling Neurodiverse Science Careers’ which used a co-design approach to develop a set of recommendations for challenging neurotypical cultures in the environmental and natural sciences. Drawing on an evidence review, a survey with neurodivergent scientists and a series of focus groups and interviews with neurodivergent early career researchers we were able to identify a series of barriers to full inclusion and suggestions on how to remove those barriers.

Key findings and recommendations

  • Data showed the most significant barrier is the academic workplace culture, which lacks understanding of and support for, neurodivergent scientists 
  • The most concerning finding was that 37% of ECRs surveyed indicated they had considered leaving academia and that due to this culture, 73% had not requested any adjustments 

EnDISC recommends that institutions: 

  • foster a culture of openness and inclusion, and support for neurodivergent employees
  • communicate clearly rights and responsibilities, including mandatory adjustments and job role expectations 
  • allow greater flexibility for work schedules and location 
  • be much more willing to provide adjustments, including private office space 

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